The Beginning Of A New Journey

Do you know when a new journey begins? Every day. Every single day. THAT is when a new journey begins.

This magnificent revelation came to me this morning when I was vacuuming up evergreen needles from our living room floor. It hit me that, as much as I love Christmas and all its fancy finery, I also love January when life gets back to normal.

If you know me at all, you know that I love the festive season. I start decorating in November, at about the same I start listening to holiday music. By December 1 it’s pretty much all holiday music all the time and our home is fully festooned. I mean I even decorate the powder room and my son’s bedroom!

And I can honestly say this past December was one of the best. As in … ever.


Because I stopped trying to be all things to all people and I stopped accepting every invitation and I stopped fighting for relationships that no longer serve me or my well-being and I stopped sweating anything that was even vaguely small and I stopped expecting a “magical Christmas.”

Instead I just took it as it came. I loved on old friends and new ones alike. I saw (almost) everyone my heart requested and was thus blessed with family time, son time, girlfriend time, yoga time, couple time, puppy time and music time. I ate well, drank well, laughed well and still kept walking.

And you know what happened? When I stopped expecting a “magical Christmas” I actually got one. Because I discovered that magic doesn’t come from the perfect gift (given or received) or the perfect party (hosted or attended) or the perfect romance, friendship, family dynamic or even song.

Magic comes from embracing every moment with people you love. Even yourself.

But magic also comes from not hanging on. Not hanging on to perceptions, notions, approaches or expectations. Magic comes when you let go of anything or anyone that is counter-intuitive to your own well-being. Magic comes when you prioritize YOUR people without apology.

But hey, magic also comes when you are vacuuming balsam needles and looking forward to a new month and a new year. Magic comes when relishing the changing of the season, whether from summer to fall or spring to summer or even, dare I say, Christmas to January. Sure, people talk about the January blahs and I suppose they may show up. But today on this first day of a new year I have January excitement! January optimism! January intoxication!

Not from the wine, honest. From the anticipation of what this new year will bring. This new journey.

I have long been a morning person. And I finally figured out why. You wake up, you pour that first cup of coffee and you wonder with childlike anticipation what the day will bring. It could be anything. It could be everything! It’s a blessed marvel just waiting to unfold. Kinda like Christmas morning.

That is exactly how I felt this morning. The antique ornaments were lovingly wrapped in tissue and stored away. The twinkle lights (well, most of them) packed up. Our most beautiful tree out back, naked yet noble, awaiting the charity pick-up this weekend. The needles vacuumed away for another year.

It is January and we are ready. I am ready. Ready for the new journey which begins today.

And will begin again tomorrow morning. And the next and the next and the next.
It doesn’t require tinsel or twinkle lights or shortbread or champagne.

All I have to do is wake up tomorrow morning and pour that first cup of coffee. Whether January 2 brings magic or mundane is yet to behold. I can hardly wait to find out.

Happy Journey, my friends. Happy Newest Day and Happy Newest Year.

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2 Responses to The Beginning Of A New Journey

  1. caroline says:

    I think you could also say a new journey starts with a decision….. and so much time is taken up hovering on the brink of one.

  2. Or you could decide to make no decisions and just enjoy each new day as it comes. 🙂

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