Is There Really Only One Love Of Your Life?

Do you believe in one love of your life?  Seriously.  Is there really just one special, magical, perfect soulmate?  Or do we perhaps get a few kicks at the old soulmate can?

I wonder.

My friends P and L would, I’m sure argue, one and only one.  They met in college, fell stupidly in love, dropped a couple of kids, stayed stupidly in love, started a successful business, lost hair, gained weight, moved house and for the past 30 years no matter what has happened they have stayed stupidly in love. Yep – one and only one.

Same with C.  She married B at a young age and for 25 years they remained tighter than skinny jeans after a turkey dinner.  Until he inconveniently died of brain cancer.   Now C says she is a goose.  She will mate only once in this life and even though she is still young, she will look no further.  Yep – one and only one.

Then there’s me.

Several years ago I met a man – at a dinner party – when I was inconveniently married to someone else – who I came to believe was the love of my life.  I even wrote him a song called – you guessed it – “Love Of My Life”.

Apparently not.  After overhauling both of our lives (yes, it was somewhat inconvenient for him too) and after a couple of years of guilt, torment and turmoil, he decided I was not “The One”.  I think he liked the song just fine, honest.  Just didn’t like me.  At least not enough to get through the guilt, torment and turmoil.

Years flowed by, with me the hopeless romantic (read; dumbass) thinking That’s it! I’m done. There goes the love of my life.

Until I met D.

D was totally cool, loving on me bigtime and I was feeling pretty great all around.  So another song was born – “The Last Love Of My Life”.  Yep, I was feeling darn clever and invigorated and smug.  That previous LOML couldn’t keep me down, no sir.  I now had a LLOML.  Yeah baby, I was smiling all the way to the love bank.

Until a couple more years flew by and D and I broke up.

Now what, think I?  Am I out of loves?  Have I used up my quota?  Do we all get a quota?  Was I cheating fate when I snared that second LOML?  Should I thank my unlucky stars and call it a day?


Because here is my latest revelation: I’ve actually had more than two LOMLs.  My first real boyfriend, the one I gave it all up to, was (I believed) the LOML.  My first husband, the one I married at the ripe old age of 20 because I thought he was a god – he was a LOML.  My BOTR (boyfriend on the road – when I was singing full time) was a LOML (and is still a great friend).  And my most recent husband (and the father of my child) will always be a LOML … because I will love that man until the day I die.

So I’m thinking there’s gotta be room for more.  At least one more, but that’s all I want.  I want one more love of my life.

And I truly believe he is out there and our paths will cross.  One of us will find the other and we will both have one more LOTROML.  Love Of The Rest Of My Life.

I know.  That sounds like the title of a soap opera.  But maybe – if I’m lucky – it will be the title of yet another song, hopefully a duet.

Baby, you are the love of the rest of my life.

In harmony, if you please.

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1 Response to Is There Really Only One Love Of Your Life?

  1. Bibi says:

    You are absolutely right, Vickie, there is another waiting in the wings!

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