It’s My Birthday … and I’ll wear denim overalls if I want to …

Here it is, my birthday eve once again, and I thought I’d better check in. Then I thought maybe I’d just post the blog I wrote last year because it still rings true. All of it. And then I started thinking about denim overalls.

Listen, nobody ever said my brain was normal.

You see, for the past few months I have been coveting denim overalls. I loved them the first time they became fashionable (in my teens?) and I loved then the 2nd time they were in vogue (early 40s?) and I just have this sneaking suspicion they are coming back again. Have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker flaunt hers? And Prince Harry’s new girlfriend? These chicks are fashionistas and they are sporting denim overalls once again.

And now, by golly, so am I. And not baggy old Lees either. The new denim overalls are a little sleeker, a little sexier and a little distressed. I’m not sure about sleek and sexy but the distressed part works quite well with my new old body so we’re all good.

I may have mentioned before that I like to celebrate a full birthday week and in that spirit my first little wingding took place a few nights ago. There was music, wine, great food and many of my favorite women, gathered at my home to make merry and revel in the fact that I am older than most of them. And yeah, I wore my new overalls. There were titters and giggles and I’m pretty sure a few raised eyebrows but here’s the thing: I don’t care.

I do care to be youthful. Joyously, unabashedly youthful as I get propelled kicking and screaming (in my new denim overalls) into another fabulous year of life. In this day and age there are many things available to make us LOOK younger. Botox, fillers, laser treatments, facelifts, hair dye, makeup, denim overalls and younger men.

But the real trick is to FEEL younger. ACT younger. BE younger. And although I will admit that I am quite sure my denim overalls help, I’m pretty sure I owe my current youthfulness to my attitude. Not my wardrobe.

I love young people, I love listening to them, hanging out with them, understanding their music, talking their language and hearing their thoughts. I think I love all of this because, even though I am a parent, I remember being that kid. I remember being confused and scared and hopeful and excited.

Guess what? I am still all those things. Every day brings new confusion, new fear, new hope and new excitement. And that’s what keeps me youthful.

I come by it honestly. When my grandmother died, just after her 103rd birthday, I realized that she was exactly the same. She used to sit in her wheelchair, in the front lobby of her senior’s residence, wearing a dress and pearls, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone to walk through those doors. Waiting for another fantastic slice of life to present itself to her.

I am the same. I choose to be the same.

I like to believe that I am succeeding. Sure I could eat less and work out more, in the hope of rediscovering my former physique. I could rob a bank and get a facelift. I could wear makeup when I’m out running errands or walking the dog and I could pretend to actually like rap.

Probably not going to happen.

But as I looked over the birthday cards that my wonderful women brought me earlier this week, I was near brought to tears by my friend K. She is 26. Her mother is younger than I am. And on her card she wrote “I think of you as being my age”.

Here’s the kicker K – so do I.

We are equal friends. I’m not her therapist of her surrogate mother or her wacky pseudo aunt. We met (through her mother) and we became friends. And now we are friends. And that’s just that.

I’m pretty sure she thought my new denim overalls were rockin’. I mean, last summer she went out on a date and I leant her my cool and rockin’ denim jacket. That’s what friends are for.

So tonight, as I celebrate my birthday eve, I will embrace every youthful fibre of my being. I will look forward to several more decades of youthfulness. And I will wear my new denim overalls with pride. And joy.

I will also kiss my younger boyfriend, put on some lip gloss and start saving for that facelift. Because I plan to wear those new denim overalls for a very long time. I might need the face to go with them.

And by the way, those overalls are “Material Girl”. Created by Madonna and her daughter. For teens.

I am laughing. And very, very happy to be celebrating another birthday.

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  1. jasminerushing says:

    Great article, and Happy Birthday!

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