Why Life Is Like Eyebrows …

I recently had an epiphany. The epiphany that we all hope to experience. That lightening flash where life’s purpose suddenly became clear to me and I completely understood the Universe in all its complexity. I realized my purpose, I comprehended my roll on this planet and I appreciated a fresh new approach to my existence.

I was in the bathroom at a Sheraton hotel, staring at myself in the 8X magnifying mirror and BAM!  There it was.

Life is like eyebrows.

I’m not kidding.

You see, that morning, in anticipation of an upcoming holiday, my eyebrows had been tinted. Dyed quite dark actually. Because my natural eyebrows are scant and very very light.  They used to be uber-blonde, now maybe they are gray. I’m not really sure.  What I do know is that if I don’t fill them in with my super-duper Anastasia (“Eyebrow-ist To The Stars!”) pencil, they are pretty much non-existent.  And I want them to exist.  I need them to exist.  I’m not a big fan of my eyebrow-less face.

And there they were, looking fabulous (even magnified), requiring not even the tiniest scribble from Anastasia, and I was ready to hit the beach makeup-less.  Yep, that was my plan.  No makeup all week long.  Just a sun-kissed face and magical eyebrows.

But I also knew in that very same instant that these shaggy little works of inspired artistry were fleeting. I rarely get more than ten days out of an eyebrow tinting.  Soon I would be back to Anastasia.  And daily refinement.

I smiled.  Because that’s when it hit me.

Life is like eyebrows. At that very moment in the Sheraton bathroom, cherishing my current eyebrows, knowing they would soon be gone but loving the fact that I had them now and would have them on that white sandy beach, my life became crystal clear.

Life is about moments.

Life is not about making plans and implementing them nor is it about desiring success and achieving it. Life is not about how skinny you are or whether your love-life is a swimming success and life is not about what kind of car you drive or whether the wrinkles on your face suddenly rival the cellulite on your butt in plenitude.

Life is about moments.

Life is about revelling in and marveling at as many moments as you possibly can.  That moment could be quite simple, like walking the dog in the morning sunshine and noticing sprouting buds. That moment could be walking the dog in the morning sunshine and not stepping in dog doo-doo that some other hound left in the middle of the path as a special treat for you. That moment might be watching your son sing an original song for 40 of your closest friends, knowing that each one of them is in turn surprised and then responsive to his gift.  That moment might be cooking dinner, wine in hand, as the sun sets in your backyard and your fabulous boyfriend sits at your bar, laughing.  And that moment might be knowing that when you wake up the next morning, he’ll be snoring next to you. That moment might be a Facebook post, a response to a Facebook post, a neighbour selflessly shoveling your snow or your own selfless act of kindness. That moment could be hot sweaty sex or quiet reflection … alone.

And that moment might even be that exact second that you look in that mirror and totally appreciate that – for THAT moment – you have eyebrows! For that moment you have two things that most people take for granted.  For that moment you don’t need makeup or eyebrow pencils or a tattoo artist (never!) or a new car. See what I mean? Moments are everywhere. All we need to do is embrace them.

At that moment, my eyebrows made me happy.


Eye-opening (pardon the pun)?

Because from now on I am on the lookout for moments. When they arrive – and as it turns out, the more you look out for them, the more often they arrive – I will embrace them fully.  With every ounce of gratitude I possess.

Thank you eyebrows.

Thank you lack of eyebrows.

And thank you Anastasia …

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