Why Are You Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop?

Awhile back I saw a post on Facebook, wherein the writer asked if anybody else has a problem being too happy? You know, when things are going well and you’re basking in contentment but you just can’t accept it and be glad. Nope, you gotta fret and stew and wonder when the heck that proverbial other shoe will drop.

You’ve been there, done that, right? I think most of us have.

I also think it’s time to put that nasty habit to bed once and for all.

First off, let me confess I do not believe in jinxes. I do not believe you can say something, wear something, do something, not say, wear or do anything and in any way affect an outcome. I believe your actions may well affect an outcome, as may your choices, your words and your energy. Yes indeed, I do believe a positive energy will help facilitate a positive result. And negative does the same. I do not believe that rubbing a rabbit’s foot is going to help. Sure didn’t help that poor bunny.

In the same way I believe that worrying about shoes dropping will not prevent shoes from dropping. Believing yourself unworthy of good things, a contented life or abundant joy and therefore tossing in a good measure of doubt so as not to piss off the universe is also (in my opinion) an exercise in foolishness. Answer me this?  Why would you waste any moment of bliss to assuage some imaginary universal police force?  You know, those guys patrolling the cosmos making sure no one gets too happy.

I can assure you, they don’t exist. The cosmos does not need to waste its precious time patrolling your happiness level because it knows darn well that into every life a little rain will fall. Sometimes a thunderstorm. Or even a full-blown damn hurricane. Doesn’t matter how sunny it is today. Sooner or later you are going to get wet.

And that is my point. We all know that peaceful contentment is fleeting. I mean that pure, bliss-filled, glorious moment (or hour or even week) when everything seems to be in place. We get them and we should absolutely enjoy every second of them. Because tragedy will always arrive. Sure enough that beautiful bubble will at some point be burst by illness or accident or heartbreak or economic strife or who knows what? The cosmos has lots of dirty tricks up its sleeve and we will all bear the brunt of its cosmic treachery sooner or later.

So please, please, please … relish your bliss when it presents itself. No matter how brief or how long, relish every moment of your happiness. Do not doubt it, do not doubt that you deserve it (you do!) and do not assume that just because it has chosen to land on your head, you are destined to receive an equal dose of anguish.

Think of it as a bank deposit. Enjoy your funds when you’re feeling flush. Stockpile those coffers so that when that shoe does drop you’ve got the reserves to face whatever comes next.  Go ahead and give yourself permission to relax in your euphoria. And don’t give a single thought to that darn shoe.

Unless its a Jimmy Choo.


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2 Responses to Why Are You Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop?

  1. I really, really like the message in this blog Vickie! We all need a reminder like this as it is so easy to get caught up in worrying . Spending that time and energy worrying robs us of time to enjoy each valuable moment of peace, contentment and bliss. xo Arlene PS: Some how this comment got posted on another of your blogs by mistake .

  2. Thanks, Arlene. You have much to be blissful about! xo

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