And What Are Your Three Favourite Words?

Just a quickie little poll today asking women – what are your three favourite words? I would hazard a guess that for most that automatic go-to would be “I love you.” Now I reckon there are a few strays who might answer “here’s more wine” or “laundry is done” but I do believe that, for most of us, hearing “I love you” from the man we love (as opposed to, say, the deli manager or our husband’s boss) is pretty damn sweet. Especially when offered with no prompting.

And I’m not about to say I disagree. I too love the love phrase. I will offer though there is another phrase I love even more.

“You Are Beautiful.”

Not “you look good” or “that’s a pretty dress” or “nice job with the makeup, honey, you’ve really toned down your giant nose” … no, just those three exact words, uttered with quiet conviction, preferably whilst your face is being cupped in his hands and your eyes are being adoringly stared into.

There is just something so absolutely pure and loving about being told you are beautiful. I think it goes beyond physical attributes. It’s more like he is seeing into your soul, deep into your soul, and liking what is there. Kind of like in the movie “Avatar” where those blue people say “I see you.” To be truly seen and known and then called beautiful, that is an immense gift. A gift quite easily given. And one that no doubt keeps on giving and quite possibly returns to the giver much more than he might imagine.

So I’d like to offer up a little challenge. Take a moment tonight to cup the face of your beloved, stare into her eyes and say “You are beautiful.” If Joe Cocker is singing in the background, even better.

I’ll be expecting a full report tomorrow.

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